Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fetish outfit

'Fetish outfit' archive - phrases from erotic tales:
Her butt started to poke out of her skirt from her legs being spread and it being such a short skirt. I could have been mistaken, but I swear I saw the insides of he butt cheeks glistening, as if they were greasy with lube or something. I thought nothing of it at the time though, as Tina was doing a great job sucking my cock and slobbering all over it.

Fetish outfit, it's important for you?
  Fetish Outfit. Attention! Contains adult materials!   His body is long and lean but not overly muscular. He has the build of a runner. She asks if he runs and he tells her that he plays soccer. His abs flex into hard ripples as he bends to pull off his boots. Off come the jeans, revealing hard-muscled, long legs and a half erect penis which looks to be as long as the rest of him.
It wasn't until Cullen leaned against her hard and pushed the door past the opening that Sandra realized she was trapped there. What was worse, she suddenly felt Cullen's erection pressing hard against her ass. As the door continued to revolve, she could feel him grinding himself against her ass, so hard that her panties were beginning to bunch up tight in her crack. Fetish outfit
Big Tits
Not exotic